A Comparison Guide for Best Homeowners Insurance 2018

The average person has lots of dreams in life and one of the top priorities is to own a house. Living in your dream home with your family is an achievement and you might probably want to take steps to safeguard your investment against accidental damage, fire or extreme weather conditions.

Before you step out to find cheap home insurance quotes, it is important to know the different types of plans available and the coverage they provide. A basic homeowners insurance will provide coverage against theft, fire accidents but it will not cover earthquakes or floods.

The first type of insurance is cash value coverage in which the company will pay you in cash after deducting the sum as depreciation value. The second type of insurance is replacement value coverage in which you will get paid based on the current market value of your property which could be higher or lower based on the location among other factors.

Here are some of the most popular and reliable homeowners insurance providers out there that you should check out.

Rais Insurance

Rais Insurance is a reliable company that has gained popularity among customers for their wide range of plans they can get for you. Since we are not promoting our own plans, we will help you go through the different plans offered by the various companies. This ensures you are getting a plan that suits your requirement.  We help you find the homeowners’ insurance plan within your budget and with the necessary coverage aspects. We can help you get cheap home insurance quotes for a plan which you can always customize by choosing additional plans and make use of the available discounts.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate has a wide presence in the United States and provides comprehensive coverage for your home. The sum paid will be equivalent to buy and replace or repair the damaged portion in your home. It covers all basic issues like theft, fire, explosion or damage caused by wind. There are special coverage plans like identity theft restoration and business property coverage which pertain to individual requirements.


Amica provides homeowners insurance and the premium you pay will be determined by your credit score, the type of coverage required and whether you are going for a bundled insurance plan. The company offers better discounts if you remain as a long time customer or opt for both auto and homeowners insurance from the same provider.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide has an excellent presence all over the United States and you will be able to find their service irrespective of the state you live in. The company provides coverage for your home and the property within in case they get stolen. Apart from covering property, the company can also provide personal liability insurance for residents of the house in case they get injured, your credit card is fraudulently used and even earthquake coverage when you opt for the right plan. It might have a slightly higher premium for the additional coverage provided.

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