Auto Insurance Yorba Linda California

Getting your car insured doesn’t have to be difficult – with Rais Insurance, we can help you formulate an exact and tailor-made insurance policy, so you’re well-prepared for the worst without costing you too much.

Formulating the right insurance policy for you is a matter of helping you understand what type of coverage you need, and what type of coverage you can do without. If you’re looking for comprehensive auto insurance in Yorba Linda, a consultation with our experts at Rais Insurance can help you save your money and drive safely.

Get Your Car Covered

Auto insurance in Yorba Linda really only requires one type of coverage – liability coverage. This is the bare minimum drivers need in California to be legally allowed to drive, and it allows you to cover the other person’s medical and property damages in the case of a car crash.

Unlike no-fault states, however, if you’re found to be at fault during a car accident, your insurance will not help pay for your own damages whatsoever on a liability-only policy. That’s where our addition coverage comes in. By opting for these core coverage types atop your liability coverage, you can make sure that you’re insured against the full extent of a car accident:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Medical Coverage
  • Property Damage Coverage

Collision coverage allows you to be covered for the damages incurred on your vehicle during a car accident, while medical coverage helps you pay for your medical bills afterwards. These are the most important, as they help you cover the same damages as a liability coverage would, only on your end.

Depending on your situation, comprehensive coverage can also be an important part of your auto insurance policy, as it insures you against any damages outside of a car accident – such as a fallen tree, theft, or vandalism.

Property damage coverage also helps you cover the cost of damages, but not those dealt to your car. Rather, they help you cover the damage incurred to property outside of the vehicles involved in an accident – such as a street light, or a small tree. By working with us at Rais Insurance, you can get the insurance you need for your vehicle at competitive rates, and you can get started today.