Auto Insurance San Pedro California

Auto insurance is mandatory in every state in the United States, and California is most definitely no exception. However, when it comes to exactly how much insurance you want, every buyer is at their own volition.

While your mileage may vary, your needs as a person won’t – insurance exists to keep you and your family safe when things go awry on the road. But some people need more insurance than others – so let us here at Rais Insurance help you figure out exactly how much you should get covered for, in terms of auto insurance in San Pedro.

Liability Coverage

California is a tort law state, not a no-fault state – that means that, if you get into an accident here in San Pedro, then whoever carries most of the fault in the accident is liable to cover the damages, or face legal troubles.

This is why auto insurance in San Pedro mandates liability coverage at a bare minimum. You cannot drive a car without the necessary paperwork to ensure that, if something goes wrong, you can pay for it.

The exact specifics of liability coverage vary – there are minimum coverage amounts for total injuries, single person injuries and property damage, and then there are options to cover for higher amounts so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket if an accident occurs. But while liability coverage may be enough for some, others want more protection.

Other Types of Coverage 

Only liability coverage is legally necessary in California, but if you want to avoid paying other costs out of pocket, you may want to raise your premiums and get more out of your policy. Collision coverage, for example, covers the cost of your own vehicle’s damage in a car crash.

Comprehensive damages are for damages that occur outside of an accident – theft, vandalism, or weather. Property damage liability is specifically for damages incurred on other people’s property, outside of their vehicle. And then there are medical payments, which can also be included or exempted in a policy.

We here at Rais Insurance will help you put together a policy that best fits your car, family needs and budget, while keeping you financially safe from the consequences of harm out on the road.