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A four wheeler in Newport Beach can be a status symbol for some and a necessity for others, especially in Newport Beach where people generally prefer traveling to work by a car. No matter what your car means to you, one thing common among all car owners is the fact that they want it to be in the top-most condition. However, when your car is on the road it is highly prone to minor scratches, bumps and even fatal accidents. Moreover, natural calamities, like hailstorms, earthquakes, etc. can also damage your car. Irrespective of who is responsible for the damage, one thing is for sure that you will be required to spend a lot of money to get your car repaired.

To protect you from such unexpected financial burdens, Rais Insurance offers comprehensive auto insurance cover in Newport Beach. Right from the cost of repairing the car, medical bills if anyone has been injured in the process and a number of other benefits are included in the coverage.

Benefits of Our Auto Insurance

Complete Coverage for Damage and Medical Bills

If your car has been involved in an accident, apart from the car itself there is also a possibility that you and other passengers of the car might have been injured. Our auto policy will pay for all the repair or part replacements that your car needs along with all of your as well as other passengers medical costs.

Property Damage Liability

If you damage someone else’s car or any other property by your car, the auto insurance will pay for those damages. Moreover, it will also cover the cost of legal help that you might need if a case is filed against you.

Why Choose Us?

The often congested streets of Newport Beach are prone to accidents and while you might have only heard about them or have been a witness to one in the past, it can happen with you as well and this makes an auto insurance a necessity for every car owner. Some of the reasons that make us one of the leading auto insurance agencies in Newport Beach are-

  • Cashless settlement at a number of garages in Newport Beach
  • Instant purchase process with minimum paperwork
  • Easy and quick claim settlement

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