Auto Insurance Lakewood California

Car insurance keeps you afloat financially when something goes wrong on the road – especially if it’s your fault. In the state of California, an accident is covered by the person whomever carries the most “fault” – that doesn’t mean that an insurance company ever covers a purposeful car crash. That’s where the law comes in.

If your negligence caused you to spin out of control and hit another driver on the road, then auto insurance in Lakewood ensures that your insurance company takes on the damages if they’re within the parameters of a previously agreed upon insurance policy.

To put it a little more simply, if you caused a crash due to texting or anything else like that, then your insurance company pays the other party its damages – but not yours. Not unless you negotiate a larger policy.

Liability Coverage

While car insurance is mandatory for all drivers on the road, the only actual form of coverage the law demands is liability coverage. That’s what protects the other driver on the road. But there are other forms of coverage that help you cover costs related to your own damages as a result of the accident. Let’s take a look at some of the more common ones:

Collision Coverage

Basically, collision coverage allows us here at Rais Insurance to cover the damages your car suffered in the accident. Depending on your deductibles and how much of a limit you’ve got on your policy, you could have your insurance provider entirely cover your damages, if it’s high enough – or if your damages are low enough.

In the case of an older car with low repair costs, a collision insurance is typically not worth it. But in a more expensive newer model, it can definitely help you out.

Comprehensive Coverage 

Another common form of coverage in insurance policies is comprehensive coverage. Your car isn’t just at risk from the dangers of the road – you’ve also got to battle with the possibilities of theft, disaster-related damages, or vandalism. These damages are covered by what is called comprehensive coverage – and the more valuable a car, the more important it is. No matter what kind of auto insurance in Lakewood you’re looking for, we here at Rais Insurance are ready to help.