Auto Insurance Costa Mesa California

Car owners in Costa Mesa beware – do you already have your ideal policy? Here at Rais Insurance, we work with car owners to negotiate the best and most cost-effective plan so that we can keep you covered in the case of a serious unfortunate incident without straining your wallet.

These kinds of can policies come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the vehicle you are driving and your experience as a driver. Here at Rais Insurance, we can get you affordable auto insurance in Costa Mesa entailing:

Liability Insurance

As a fault state, this type of policy for car owners in all of California is mandatory. It keeps you financially covered in the case of a car accident that was your fault, so you can pay the victimized party’s damages and expenses. However, this does not take care of your own property and collision damages as well as your personal injuries.

Collision Coverage

When two cars collide, the one at fault has to pay the cost of collision for the other party. However, this allows you to pay for your own car repairs, so you do not have to pay for them out of pocket.

Property Damage

When the destruction caused by a car accident affects personal property outside of the cars and their respective drivers and passengers – such as a tree on private property or a privately-owned fence – this policy sees to it that you will not have to bear the full brunt of these expenses on your own.

Comprehensive Coverage

Outside of car accidents, a number of events can cause your car serious harm. From extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornados, to debris from hail, destruction from earthquakes, vandalism and theft, this type of plan can help you prepare and expect the unexpected, reducing what you need to pay for or even eliminating them all together, given the right policy.

Talk to us today here at Rais Insurance to get started on building your own auto insurance in Costa Mesa and getting started on your way to building your very own affordable, safe, secure and cost-effective plans.