Auto Insurance Bellflower California

Being on the road in and of itself is always a huge risk. Among millions of drivers, tens of thousands die due to car-related accidents. Many more survive, but suffer the financial and medical consequences of getting their car wrecked.

Car accidents are dangerous. There’s no doubt about that. They’re something we have to accept as a part of life, even when we do our best to mitigate them. However, when you do survive a crash or experience your first fender bender, your biggest worries aren’t the statistical probability of something worse having happened. Instead, it’s the cost that comes with getting involved in an accident.

That’s where a solid car insurance comes into play. Auto insurance in Bellflower is legally mandatory, as it is in the rest of the state of California. However, as a fault state, the only type of coverage that you truly need in order to be legally allowed to drive is liability coverage.

Liability Coverage 

This comes into play if you get into an accident that is deemed your fault. Liability coverage basically entails that your insurance provider – in this case, us here at Rai’s Insurance – has to cover the damages of the accident on the victim’s side as per the limits of the policy. There are minimum limits in the state of California, but you can set them to whatever amount you choose, so long as you can afford the cost of equally rising premiums.

Typically, liability coverage is split between total cost of injuries, cost of injuries per person, and property damage. However, liability coverage won’t protect you in an accident, unless the other party was at fault and their insurance covers the bill.

Collision Coverage 

When an accident was your fault, other types of coverage can help you get covered for your damages nonetheless, at the expense of a significant hike in insurance costs. Collision coverage is one such coverage type, allowing you to cover the expense of getting your vehicle repaired after an accident.

We at Rais Insurance can best help you figure out what kind of auto insurance in Bellflower best suits you, and what type of policy is most useful to your budget and car model.